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School Fees

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Nursery Age 2-3

Daily fees for children age 2-3 are as follows:

Morning. 8.30am-1.30pm £40.50

Full day. 8.30am-3.30pm £55.00

Nursery and Kindergarten Fees age 3-4

Early Years entitlement 15 hours £0.00

Hours attended in excess of 15 hours £9.20/hour

Lunches and snack charge £4.40/ day

Reception to Form 6, Fees Per Term For The Academic Year 2021/22

Reception     £3,250
Form 1          £3,250
Form 2         £3,250

Form 3         £3,750
Form 4         £3,750
Form 5         £3,750
Form 6         £3,750

Lunches are not included in the above fees. A charge of £240 per term will be added to
your invoice.

School Fees Terms & Conditions

Sibling discount: 10% off the second child, 15% third child.

External trips and other charges will be invoiced separately.

A clear term’s notice is to be given if a child is to be withdrawn from the school, unless
leaving at the end of the final year.

Notice must be given by the last day of the penultimate term attended. A term’s fees in
lieu of such notice will otherwise be charged.

Please note that rolling notice is only available at the discretion of the Governors and
under exceptional circumstances.

If you have any queries regarding the fees or methods of payment, please contact the
Business Manager by emailing bgm@pownallhallschool.co.uk