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The Robin Room

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Welcome To The Woodland Nursery

Children can start their Pownall journey from 6 months old in our cosy, purposed designed Woodland Nursery, that is a true home from home.

Our cosy ‘Robin Room’ has been designed and influenced by the Danish Hygge philosophy, of bringing the outside in with natural calming colours and soft textures. It features lighting and fairy lights that warms up spaces rather than being overbearing.

The Nursery’s highly qualified staff ensure your child’s every need is attended to and our 0-2 curriculum ensures that there are endless opportunities for your child to develop and enjoy all of the wonderful activities on offer.

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Our Environment

Our cosy Robin Room for 0 to 2s comprises two main rooms, one for sensory exploration and physical development and a second room for quiet time, relaxation and sleeping.

Each day, within the ‘active room’ the children will be met with opportunities to take part in rich sensory activities such as sand and water play, which will provide curiosity and learning. There are child-height wall fixtures so that the children can pull themselves up and interact with objects that they can pull, push, twist, and touch to allow for cognitive learning as well as fine and gross motor skills.

In the ‘relaxation and sleeping room’, the lighting and furnishings provide a safe and tranquil setting. Fairy lights, mood lighting and purifying air filters will relax and soothe and create an ambiance where babies and children can wind down from their sensory activity, sleep and process the day’s learning.

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Opening Times & Fees

The Woodland Nursery is open from 7.30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday all year round. We close for just one week at Christmas and Bank Holidays.

Children within The Woodland Nursery will be provided with a breakfast (if starting at 7.30am), a hot lunch and high tea. There will also be healthy snacks and milk provided throughout the day as required.


Half Day – 7.30pm to 1pm – £45

Full Day – 7.30pm to 6pm – £60

All fees are inclusive of nappies, wipes, sun cream, milk and meals.

We would be delighted to show you around our school and Woodland Nursery, please contact Katy in our Office on either 01625 523141 or email genoffice@pownallhallschool.co.uk to arrange a personal tour with our Headmaster, Mr Goulbourn.

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