Welcome to Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a wonderful setting for children from age 3 to 4 and is the final class before your child embarks on their formal, full-time schooling and our Reception classes. It’s a very exciting time for the children as they make great leaps and bounds both academically and socially.

In Kindergarten, the children are excited and curious to take on new experiences and challenges, which in turn will allow them to make informed decisions about their likes and interests.

Children in Kindergarten expand on what they have learned in the Woodland Nursery and continue to enjoy their specialist teaching in music, French, Forest School, yoga and P.E.

We offer an environment that caters for the children’s need to explore independently and take on their own risks and challenges, but we are also able to provide focused learning and opportunities where we can deliver new information.

We teach and learn in a combination of ways and each day is different, based on the children’s interests and what is happening in the world around us. Each member of staff in our Kindergarten class is able to get to know every child extremely well, by being given the opportunity to spend valuable time to play and explore together. We firmly believe that our children will learn best in an environment where they can firstly and most importantly feel safe and happy.

After Kindergarten, pupils move through into our two Reception classes and will start on the next exciting chapter of formal schooling.

"I can not rate this nursery highly enough. The staff are amazing, they are kind and caring and the manager is just the most special person ever. The whole environment is so child-centered. I love the ethos, and it suited both my daughter and very active son. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces are so accessible and my children couldn't be happier."

– Pownall Hall School Parent

"We are very happy to have chosen Pownall Hall Nursery/Kindergarten for our daughter. The level of care is exceptional. The team is extremely professional, kind and experienced. The Pownall ground is massive with lots of greenery and a forest school. The whole school is just a brilliant environment for little ones to grow and flourish."

– Pownall Hall School Parent

"Pownall Hall School Nursery is a wonderland. The staff are incredible - many have worked there for years and they all genuinely love being there. This makes for a lovely warm environment, complemented by the rooms, garden and grounds. All enough to make an adult want to spend the day there, let alone a child! A huge bonus for us is also the gentle structure that enables a breezy transition to Kindergarten/School. Being part of the Pownall School family is also of huge value for the children. I recommend them to anyone I can."

– Pownall Hall School Parent

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