360 Easter Eggs Donated to Hope Central

In a heart warming display of generosity, the parents of Pownall Hall School have come together to support their local community by donating 360 eggs to the Hope Central food bank in Handforth. Our families have exemplified the spirit of giving and compassion of the Easter season, showcasing the school community’s commitment to coming together to help others.

Hope Central expressed gratitude for the contribution, emphasising the positive impact it will have, bringing smiles to the individuals and families they serve, bringing smiles!

The parents of Pownall Hall School have set a shining example of generosity, empathy, and goodwill, inspiring others to follow their lead in supporting local initiatives and making a difference in the lives of others.

Thank you so our wonderful PSA and wider Pownall family!

Pownall Hall School’s Eco Warriors Create Pownall Orchard

Just ten years ago, Pownall Hall School faced an uncertain future, with a dwindling number of 130 students and whispers of potential closure. However, Mr. David Goulbourn stepped into the role of Headmaster with a clear vision and determination to reinvigorate the school’s reputation and academic standing.

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