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Eco-Schools Green Flag Award Success!
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Eco-Schools Green Flag Award Success!

Eco-Schools Green Flag Award, we got it! With distinction! Well done to our fantastic Eco Committee, a very proud achievement.

The Eco-Schools Green Flag Award is an international accreditation that has recognised and rewarded young people’s environmental actions for over 25 years.

Here is an overview of our journey to success: 

  • Firstly we formed an enthusiastic and passionate Eco Committee
  • We completed a thorough Environmental Review of our School
  • Taking the results of the Environmental Review, we designed an action plan
  • Our action plan linked to various areas of the curriculum
  • We informed and involved
  • We monitored and evaluated
  • We produced an Eco Code

A huge amount of work went into achieving this award and we are so very proud, a massive thank you to all that helped achieve this. 

Thank you parents for your kind and valued comments about how the Eco Committee has made a positive impact on the children, which we are delighted to share below:

“Arthur has thoroughly enjoyed and embraced being involved with the school Eco Committee, he has started growing vegetables and herbs at home, he understands the importance of community strength to help raise awareness of ecology issues and being part of this group has given him a good sense of purpose.”

“The Eco Committee has brought a new perspective to my child on how he should behave within society. It is encouraging to see him taking responsibility for the choices he makes and seeing him consider the impact on the environment of those choices. As a result of the committee he is now fully aware of what needs recycling, he has a zero tolerance policy on plastic and he is always considering the effect our actions have on nature. It’s been a really positive experience for him.” 

“Hashem has really enjoyed being an Eco Committee member. He has really enjoyed the topic of “waste” as he feels like he can help save the animals from global warming. He also feels like he’s helping plants grow which will help humans live healthy. His favourite task was meeting the dinner ladies at school about providing plastic free snacks to the kids.”

“Caring for the environment and the natural world is at the heart of life at Pownall: whether it’s forest school, pond-dipping,  growing vegetables or collecting eggs from the school chickens. My children have benefited in so many ways from the approach taken. The positive effects it has delivered to their mental well-being has been invaluable. Not only have they learnt about the world around, it has contributed to every aspect of the academic learning.”

“For our daughter, being part of the ECO committee has resulted in a more confident and environmentally aware individual. She has massively benefited from the various discussions and challenge on Global Citizenship, Waste and Healthy Living.
She actively encourages our family and extended family to waste less food, take showers and use less energy. We have all been given refillable water bottles by Alexia!
We are immensely proud of the group aims and its actual achievements.”

Thank you teachers for taking the time to teach and introduce topics into your lessons, and Mrs Johnstone for passionately leading the entire process.

Thank you dinner ladies for spending time to talk with the children about how we can reduce food waste and packaging waste.

Thank you to East Cheshire Council for donating (unwanted) planters so we can plant herbs and plants around our school grounds.

Last but not least – thank you children for your enthusiasm and commitment, without you Pownall Hall School would not have been able to achieve this.