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Is Now The Best Time To Invest In Your Child’s Education?
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Is Now The Best Time To Invest In Your Child’s Education?

During lockdown, more than ever before, we had the benefit of seeing exactly what goes on in our children’s schools, as school classrooms were swapped with kitchen tables and teachers with parents.

Using Google classroom, Zoom and Teams, we had the opportunity to hear our children’s teachers teaching. However, what it really allowed us to do was see how our children were being educated.

In a recent survey by the Sutton Trust reported in the Independent online, it revealed that “Independently educated pupils are twice as likely to receive daily online lessons than state school pupils during lockdown.” This had a huge impact on the ability for children to learn and benefit from the feedback a teacher gives in real time.

After at least two lockdowns and almost two years of disrupted schooling, we are finding that parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact COIVID has had on their child’s education and how the gap between state and independent education is widening at its greatest rate yet.

NOW Is The Time To Future Proof Your Child’s Education

We believe that now time to future proof your child’s education and reveal what you can expect at each stage you may move your child, should you wish to explore an education at Pownall Hall School.

Reception to Year 2 (Pre-Prep)

You may have been planning on state education for this part of your child’s education journey or you may be wondering what the benefits are.

In the Pre-Prep, we lay the foundations of your child’s education and ensure that they have a solid understanding reading, writing and maths. While the traditional core subjects stay the same, that is where the similarities end.  At Pownall, we use progressive teaching strategies to ensure that pupils’ understanding, and work is able to move at a faster pace, which means that more ground can be covered.

Our latest Independent Schools Inspection concluded that

“Pupils reach above average standards of attainment across the curriculum, especially in maths and English.” ISI

Here at Pownall Hall School, our small class sizes provide children with at least twice as much one to one time with their teacher as in a state school, where class sizes of 30 are normal.

With classrooms being quieter and less disruptive, pupils are able to focus on their work and develop the key skills needed for future independent learning. Pupils read with a teacher every day so that constant feedback is given regularly to your child, this ensures that reading progresses at a much faster rate.

In addition to the core subjects, pupils will also benefit from the introduction of specialist subject teachers, a unique feature to independent education at this age. At Pownall Hall School, pupils in Forms 1 and 2 are taught by specialist teachers in the Forest School, Design & Technology, music, French, I.T. science and P.E. They are also taught in specialist subject classrooms such as the science lab, DT room and have use of our 8 acres of grounds including our Astro, football, rounders and cricket pitches as well as our indoor sports hall.

Years 3 – 6 (Prep)

With the core foundations in place a Pownall Hall School education is designed to trigger, enhance, and nurture your child’s curiosity and love of learning. The curriculum is broad and deep and is tailored to meet the individual needs of your child.

Our specialist subjects are taught by specialist teachers, who have an intrinsic passion for their subject. This passion will no doubt be passed on to your child in our lively and creative lessons.

Our exceptional 11+ preparation, which has been gently increasing from Form 3, really starts to gain pace in Form 4 where the children are taught Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning as part of the curriculum, these are critical features of the 11+ exams.

In addition, we advise on school selection choices, prepare for interviews and thoroughly prepare the children for the exams themselves. By the time the children sit the 11+ exams, they are well-tuned to both the format and the experience of the exam hall itself.

Making The Move

We understand that moving school at any stage is a huge decision, however we aim to make the transitions as seamless and as less daunting for your child as possible. We offer two full taster days so your child can see what life at Pownall Hall is like.

Once your child starts with us, we provide a buddy system so your child will have someone by their side to show them around and make them feel at home. Our staff are extremely friendly and approachable and will be available to answer any queries in those first few weeks so that in no time you feel part of the Pownall family.

We know this will be the best move you have ever made but don’t just take our word for it!

“It’s been the best move we have ever made. Our son has settled into Pownall from his primary school so well, the children in his class have been extremely welcoming. We can already see a huge improvement in his work and the communication from the school about his progress is outstanding.”

– Pownall Parent