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Spotlight on… Form 1!
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Spotlight on… Form 1!

Under the Spotlight this week is…Form 1!

Let’s find out about all the wonderful things they’ve been learning and doing!

Form One children have a varied and exciting time at Pownall Hall School! 

Many different subjects are covered each week and we also work on essential social skills such as sharing, kindness and learning how to be a good friend. We constantly nurture a positive growth mindset within our children, so that they know mistakes are how we learn and that we need to try our best with every opportunity presented to us.

In Maths, we have recently been focusing on the topic of Place Value in order to develop and expand the children’s knowledge and understanding of numbers. As well as traditional written work, the children have enjoyed a variety of engaging and practical activities around this topic, physically handling equipment such as Dienes apparatus, Numicon and Arrow Cards, in order to make two and three-digit numbers, to aid understanding of partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones/units.  

Form One children have English every day and cover a wide range of learning objectives within the areas of phonics, extended writing (in a variety of genres) and grammar, to name a few. Each week, we have special lessons focussed on a book which excites the children, as they hear more of the story in each lesson and focus on different aspects of the text, which helps the children be inspired and keen to write. Form One are also working hard on their handwriting and some children are now joining up their letters beautifully, in a small, neat, cursive style. 

Form One have focused on similes as part of our ‘book focus’ lessons and below is an example of some of their work. Below is also a piece of Form One descriptive writing from the same book that we are presently studying.

In our PSHE lessons, the children have been learning about ‘teams’. They now understand that if a team works well together, it can have a positive impact on all of its members and what they can achieve. The children have identified the different skills team members need to demonstrate in order for their team to be successful, for example, good listening and turn-taking. The children have also enjoyed listening to and discussing the story ‘Mixed’ by Arree Chung, as part of a class discussion on how we are all different and how these differences make the world a wonderful and interesting place. 

For Mental Health Week, we have been spending as much time as possible outside and focusing on connecting with nature. So far this week, the children have been on a ‘listening walk’ and have collected various natural resources to make sculptures/pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. We talked about ways of looking after our mental health and spent time discussing and looking at our school chickens to reinforce taking care of animals and nature.

The children in Form One have also recently been studying paintings by Kandinsky in their Art lessons. We have enjoyed exploring primary/secondary colours, as well as warm/cold colours and the children have been introduced to different brush sizes, whilst painting our work in the style of Kandinsky’s ‘Squares with Concentric circles’ artwork.

Weekly Forest School lessons are timetabled, which involve using our wonderful grounds at Pownall to explore a variety of activities such as climbing trees, making swings, playing in the mud kitchen, as well as pond dipping to learn about different habitats and the creatures that we might find, including the endangered Gold Crested Newts that live in our pond. Form One have also recently planted trees with help from the older Form Six children.

Form One children have all got green fingers in Science this term, as we have been successfully growing cress. We looked at the seeds and the conditions for growth and have been correctly writing up experiments with labelled diagrams. Next week, we plan to grow bean seeds to look at how the shoot and root develop. 

In our Religious Education lessons, the children have been learning that there are many different religions in the world and that we need to be accepting of others’ beliefs. Most recently, the children have been enjoying the many bible stories about Moses from the Old Testament. We always encourage questioning and the children enjoy exploring their spirituality through these fascinating discussions. 

This term our topic is ‘water and the seaside’. We link our History, Geography and IT work into this topic and also make sure that our English storybooks adhere to the same theme. The children have recently been learning about the heroic acts of Grace Darling, when in 1838, she risked her life to save others from a shipwreck. We have also been looking at maps of the UK and maps of the world to identify countries, continents and oceans. 

Music is very important to all at Pownall and we enjoy singing in a variety of lessons (e.g. in phonics lessons when singing about vowels, or geography lessons when singing about continents). We also have twice weekly whole class Music lessons with Mrs Thomson, our famous harpist and specialist music teacher. The children love to sit in the special ‘singing chair’ (as shown in the photo below) and they enjoy every opportunity to perform by singing, or playing a variety of tuned and untuned musical instruments in lesson times. Some children in Form One are also learning to play the piano and guitar with our peripatetic music teachers. 

French is another fun time of the week where children are encouraged to speak with authentic accents and confidence while learning about another culture and language from our specialist native French teacher, Madame Pettecrew. This week, the children have enjoyed learning about objects on the beach, playing a game of ‘seaside’ bingo and joining with a fun action song.

We expect a lot from our Form One children, but they always rise to the occasion and are a delight to teach! It’s amazing to see how much progress the children have made so far this year and we are very proud of everyone’s achievements. We embrace the many different personalities in both our Form One classes and we are wonderful at supporting each other and enjoy celebrating each other’s successes. Well done and thank you to all F1 children and staff for a fantastic year so far! 

The Form 1 Team

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