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Spotlight on Form 4!
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Spotlight on Form 4!

Under the Spotlight this week is…Form 4!

Let’s find out about all the wonderful things they’ve been learning and doing this week!

Form 4 children always adapt remarkably well to changes and this week was no different! It has been assessment week and all of the children in Form 4 took it in their stride and worked really hard; showing determination, resilience and a positive attitude, which is a credit to them! Another highlight the children enjoyed this week was being able to eat with their friends in the dining hall and being served tasty and nutritious meals. 

Read on to find out about some of the wonderful and exciting things that they have done this week…


Form 4 are very much enjoying reading their class text, ‘Sky Song’ by Abi Elphinstone. During our English lessons, they have imagined themselves in the role of other characters; including that of Eska who has escaped from the Ice Queen after being trapped in a music box in Winterfang Palace. Form 4 wrote some powerful diary entries and imagined how Eska would have been thinking and feeling after her escape into the snowy Kingdom of Erkenwald. Following on from this, they wrote a dialogue between some of the main characters, making predictions, before reading the chapter to find out what was said in the conversation between the characters. Well done, Form 4, you have produced some very detailed and engaging work during this half term!


Form 4 have been working hard to develop their maths skills. They have been learning how to work out long multiplication sums and how to add up fractions, amongst other things. The Form 4 children always listen carefully and pick up new ideas quickly. They all produce lots of written work in lessons, too, to practise what they have learned. You’re doing really well, Form 4 – keep up the good work!


Form 4 started studying ‘Electricity’ this week. They have enjoyed using the wires, batteries, bulbs and buzzers to build electrical circuits. Using this equipment, they have demonstrated the difference between a complete and incomplete circuit and have discussed how to use electricity safely. They have also carried out an investigation to find out which materials are electrical conductors and which materials are electrical insulators. This involved adding various materials to their circuit and observing whether the bulb lit up or the buzzer sounded. WOW!

Music and Performing Art

Form 4 are really enjoying being able to sing all together one again, in our wonderful Boddington Theatre. We are very busy preparing lots of wonderful songs to sing at the end of term Musical Showcase, which will be such a treat to hear! They are focusing on the tone they are producing when singing in unison, and also attempting some tricky part songs, with more complex melodies and harmonies. Their energy and enthusiasm as they are singing is a joy to hear!

In Performing Arts, we are exploring the dramatic devices of freeze frame, and thought -tracking as an extension of this. We have further developed this idea by thinking about characterisation, and how we can portray certain characters and emotions through use of body language and facial expressions. 

Physical Education

Form 4 have been multi-tasking this week! Not only are they preparing for Sports Day, but they are also getting some training in for Pownall Hall’s very own Race for Life due to take place in June – in support of Cancer Research UK. During Netball lessons (and Netball Club) the team are working extremely well. The girls are coordinating their play and producing some excellent results. Fabulous team working skills, reading ahead of the game and making some good tactical decisions has been put into play this week – Well done team!

Form 4 has also been working on Teamwork, coordination, movement and decision making in our Football sessions in Games this week. 

Design Technology

In D&T this week we have been continuing to manufacture boats made from recycled materials. The children have been learning how to use the hot glue guns; and finding out what material can be fused together using the glue guns. Form 4 have all produced a wonderful range of boat designs, varying in materials. Once completed we are going to put weights into the boats to see which boats can hold a weight and float on water. Keep your eye out for our final creations in the coming weeks. 



In German this week, children have been learning the days of the week through songs, games and actions. They had fun ‘batting’ words to each other and exploring feelings and colours around these words. Everyone agreed that the weekend should be ‘bunt’ which is multicoloured! Well done Form 4 for using previous vocabulary to extend sentences by adding conjunctions and opinions too. 


In French, Form 4 have been practising introducing family members and they have learnt to talk about their brothers and sisters. They used songs and games to practise and reinforce the newly learnt vocabulary. Form 4 were all very keen to share their sentences with the class and express their feelings about their siblings. 


This week, in Spanish,  Form 4 have continued to enjoy their “Green cards questions” challenge. It is lovely to see how much more confident students feel about it and how much their pronunciation and accuracy have improved.

They have also been working on their Role play “ at the Grocer’s” and they are making great progress on it. It will all be ready soon. Finally students watched a video about shopping for a Paella and some traditional sweets (mazapán) from Toledo in Spain. Another great Spanish lesson for Form 4!


This half-term, Form 4 have been learning about the Victorians in History. This week, they have learnt about what school life would have been like during Victorian Britain and have been thinking about how it compares with their school experience. Form 4 participated in some lessons that would have taken place on a typical Victorian school day. The children enjoyed their Victorian handwriting lesson and produced some very neat poems in ‘copperplate’ style handwriting. Form 4 also took part in some Victorian ‘Drills’ on the school field earlier this week, and underwent a fingernail inspection! It was fantastic to see Form 4 so enthusiastic and engaged. Well done!

Religious Education and PSHE

During Form 4’s RE lessons this half term, the children have been learning about Pilgrimages and how they compare in different religions. This week, the children learned about Islamic Pilgrimages and some of the traditions that take place during Hajj. They were all extremely eager and interested to find out more about some of the rituals that take place and the reasons behind them. The children produced some very information pages about Hajj to record their findings. 

During Form time and PSHE, we explore different themes with the children. As part of our friendship theme, we have been talking about falling outs – how to avoid and resolve them. The children are always engaged in these sessions and this week they particularly enjoyed taking part in some role-plays. Another popular activity is P4C (Philosophy for children) where the children can debate anything from, ‘Would you rather have very long arms or very long legs?’ to ‘Should we test products on animals?’ P4C is a great activity to encourage children to listen to each other in order to respond and to debate in a calm and structured way and it always produces lots of interesting ideas. 

What a fantastic and action-packed week of learning, Form 4! Well done and keep up the good work!

The Form 4 Team

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