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Spotlight on… Form 5!
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Spotlight on… Form 5!

Under the Spotlight this week is…Form 5!

Let’s find out about all the wonderful things they’ve been learning and doing this week!

What a week! Is this really Summer Term ?! Hail, snow, rain, winds and a little bit of sunshine mixed in has challenged any outside lessons this week. Nevertheless, F5 are always happy, smiling and a joy to teach. Their lively and individual personalities shine through no matter what the weather. The excitement around parts in plays, discussions about conflict and friendship, how to be a good friend and eating chocolate biscuits to ‘learn’ about the moon have been some of the wonderful and exciting things Form 5 have done this week. 

Read on to discover more …


Our Literary Appreciation work has focused upon: Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver.

Torak’s journey to the World Spirit Mountain continues. Can he find his guide, and escape the clutches of the Demonic Bear? We plot his journey, empathising and imagining how he may fulfil Fa’s wishes! 

We cannot wait to continue reading, empathising and imagining what may happen next!


In maths Form 5 have been multiplying fractions by fractions, and fractions by whole numbers, with outstanding results. Our Maths Dinosaurs were involved, ensuring our understanding was spot on. Well done Form 5 for understanding this tricky concept so brilliantly.


This week in science, Form 5 have been learning about the phases of the moon. They created posters to show how the moon changes from a new moon to a full moon, and back every 28 days. Then, they used Oreos to recreate each phase in cookies and frosting! Form 5 very much enjoyed snacking on the results. Yum!

Physical Education

Form 5 are enjoying developing Tennis skills in their PE lessons! Braving the cold, wet weather they have been learning how to position their body in preparation for the strike! Rallies, backhands, forehands and the very important ready position have all been practised during lessons over the last 2 weeks. Some fun tennis challenges such as King of the Court (won by Alex in F5J and Raphael in F5D) has been played. We will very soon move on to prepare for Sports Day races and events – let’s hope the sun starts to shine!


In Geography form 5 have been researching renewable energy sources ready to take part in a debate next week.


Form 5 have all been very busy and extremely creative in Art this week. We have carefully used oil pastels and blended bold and light colours together to create wonderful flower arrangements and contrasts. We took our inspiration from the vast array of flowers and fauna located around the school.

Then we turned our attention to our ‘Green Man’ topic. The children in Form 5 carefully used their sketching skills to create a human-like face whereby leaves and natural objects found in nature have been used to create key features. Our Green Man topic symbolises growth which occurs every spring. 


In French, Form 5 have really challenged themselves, working hard on understanding how to form the present tense and making negative sentences. They loved practising their newly acquired skills while playing games: the best way to learn without realising! These skills will be so useful to help them become more independent. 


This week Form 5 has enjoyed the “Green cards” challenge answering Spanish useful questions about themselves. This is a very popular activity we practice every week and one our students thoroughly enjoy as they can see their weekly progress. They have also been working on the topic of “likes and dislikes” and giving their opinion in Spanish about why they like (or not) certain fruit and vegetables. The tasks were challenging as they involved the use of nouns, adjectives, opinions and conjunctions within the same sentence. However, our fantastic Form 5 students worked really hard and faced the challenging activities in a very positive and mature manner which led to an excellent outcome. 


Form 5 are discussing friendship and conflict. There have been some heated debates and wonderful conversations. Understanding and accepting others points of view, learning to agree to disagree can sometimes be challenging but Form 5 have worked well together as a group to put forward their point of view along with reasons to back their point of view up. ‘Working Together Positively’ has been illustrated through drawings and a worksheet which will be displayed on the F5 PSHE board.

What a brilliant term it has been so far in Form 5, we can’t wait to see our children continue, thrive and develop during the remainder of Year 5 – Excellent work Form 5, very well done!

The form 5 team

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