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Spotlight on…. Nursery!
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Spotlight on…. Nursery!

Under the Spotlight this week is… NURSERY!

Let’s find out about all the wonderful things they’ve been learning and doing this week!

Wow! What glorious weather our first week of the Summer Term has given us. The sun is shining and in our wonderful Nursery garden, we can see the awakening of Nature all around us. We follow a yearly programme built around the daily rhythm of nature and the seasons. This allows us to connect with nature each and every day. Inspiring future generations of explorers, scientists and adventurers. 

 Our two apple trees are beginning to grow new green leaves and beautiful pink blossoms. We are excited to watch as the apples begin to develop. In the raised bed our strawberry plants are growing new leaves, as is the mint. We are still waiting for our potatoes! 

Monday brought an adventure to the Pownall wildlife garden and pond. We listened to Miss Julie tell us how to be safe around the water and lay on our tummies around the edge of the pond so we didn’t fall in. In the water we saw water lilies and reeds and lots of green algae. We also spotted a newt swimming down near the bottom of the pond and a water snail too! 

On Tuesday we created our own pond in the Nursery garden, complete with frog spawn and tadpoles. We have been learning about the transformation from frog spawn, to tadpole, to froglet and eventually to frog. How exciting that we can see this happen! What better way to learn about life cycles than by first hand experiences. 

In the Nursery we are passionate about appreciating, and looking after our natural world. We use natural resources as much as possible and avoid single use plastic items. On Thursday we celebrated ‘Earth Day’ by litter picking around the school grounds. The litter picker was tricky to manipulate, but it was fun trying and we all wanted to have a turn. We talked about the importance of looking after our environment and keeping it free from litter. We believe that this is such an important message for our children. We would love to inspire a future generation of conservationists who will strive to look after our planet. We also posted an ‘Earth Day Challenge’ on Tapestry. We hope that our families will all join in as saving the Earth begins with small green acts! 

It was very exciting to begin our specialist lessons again this week! Madame Pettecrew visited our Nursery garden and taught us a song in French. We also said Bonjour to Jacques! How confident we were! Mrs Thomson was waiting for us at the music room on Thursday. How lovely it was to climb the stairs and walk through the door. We started by singing and adding fun actions to our “Hello” song. Our favourite verse is still stamping our feet! We are all very rhythmical! Then, all picked our favourite coloured scarves to help us move to the music and learn the song ‘Jelly on the plate’. We had great fun adding percussion instruments, like the tambourine and the maracas, to the 2 new verses: ‘sausages in the pan’ and ‘sweeties in the jar!’

In order to support the children’s development of Understanding the World, we always enjoy exploring families, community and cultural backgrounds. This Friday, being St George’s Day, provided us with a great opportunity for ‘Castles, Knights, Princess and Dragon’ play. We had a huge cardboard box which Miss Collings creatively turned into a castle. The children all enjoyed taking a turn in the castle and engaged in some wonderful imaginative play. 

Fika (fee-ka) is a Swedish term for a special coffee break with one’s colleagues, friends or family. It is usually accompanied with sweet baked goods. For us at Nursery it represents happy moments, time to slow down and focus on simple pleasures such as eating and chatting. Every Friday we take the time to get together and ‘Fika’! As our Friday always incorporates time spent outdoors, our daily dose of nature, we took our blanket out to find a grassy spot. Miss Earl brought her tennis racquets and showed us how to play tennis. This was fun and we all wanted to join in. Luckily we had lots of bats and balls! For our Fika Friday snack we tasted the great Wimbledon traditional fayre, of strawberries and cream. It was delicious! What a fabulous end to the week! 

The Pownall Nursery Team