Pre Prep Curriculum

Pre-Prep Curriculum

Outstanding teaching underpins everything we do at Pownall Hall School. Higher level subject knowledge is key and this, combined with an evident passion for the specialist subject, and a desire to impart knowledge, is the key to our successful teaching staff.

We have high standards for all pupils and expect them to do their best and be ambitious.

Many of our lessons are taught in specialist subject classrooms such as the science lab, art room, DT room or Boddington Theatre for drama and music.

Lessons are brought to life on a daily basis and rarely do the children sit in front of a text book for the whole lesson. Our teachers take advantage of our 8 glorious acres of grounds in which to extend their lessons. They may use the pond area for science, the outdoor classroom for an art lesson or the Forest School for English inspiration.

In the classroom, children will listen to TED talks, hear iconic speeches and will listen to visitors talk about different countries and cultures so they gain a first hand experience of the wider world.

Everything we do at Pownall is done with the aim to enthuse, ignite a passion and drive success.

At Pownall Hall School, Everything is Possible.

Curriculum Subjects

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Modern Foreign Languages

Art & Design


Religious Education




Public Speaking, Music & Drama

Every child at Pownall Hall School has the opportunity to perform in our Boddington Theatre on the stage and to become a performer. This builds their confidence from day one and instils a love of standing up in front of people and performing.

There is also the opportunity to take part in external public speaking competitions, which give pupils a focus and huge sense of achievement when they have performed publicly.

Each year, children perform in a Christmas nativity, which parents are invited to watch. In the summer, there is also an end of year production which includes acting and singing.

Children who have a love of drama can undertake one to one lessons in public speaking, drama and LAMDA, which can lead to taking the LAMDA exams.


LAMDA believes in the transformative power of the dramatic arts and the value to society of creativity, innovation and authentic, confident communication. As a world-leading conservatoire and globally recognised awarding body, we are proud to offer exceptional training to creative artists and technicians; and empower people of all ages and backgrounds through our examinations in drama, literature, musical theatre and poetry.

Music lessons at Pownall Hall School are inspirational and are taught by consummate performer and award winning harpist, Louise Thomson. Children take part in hands on lessons using various instruments available to them at school.

There are numerous one to one music lessons available taught by highly experience and qualified peripatetic music teachers.

Our Curriculum