English In The Pre-Prep

In the EYFS, phonics is introduced in the Nursery and Kindergarten. Once the children enter Reception a more structured approach takes place. We follow the RWI scheme and the children have daily phonic lessons. After the first half term the children are taught in small groups where they have targeted teaching by trained staff. The groups are fluid and the children are assessed regularly. Writing takes place in the phonic lessons as well as separately. There are many writing opportunities inside and outside for the children to develop their independent writing skills.

From Pre-Prep in Form 1, we use the National Curriculum as our guide, covering a variety of classic and contemporary texts as well as exploring poetry, media and non-fiction writing. Children are taught in a stimulating environment and our creative lessons provide opportunities for our children to communicate independent views and opinions, listen and respond imaginatively and express feelings through spoken and written language. This helps develop their confidence to have a voice. Children develop their handwriting, being encouraged to use cursive during Form 1 and 2 and work towards achieving their pen licenses, typically in Form 3 and 4.

Our Curriculum