I am passionate about my belief that everyone can be a good mathematician. It’s about tapping into the way children learn and understand, and having that at the heart of every lesson. I use different approaches to teaching a concept until every child has a confident mathematical understanding. Maths is all around us, it’s everyday life, it’s part of what we do. It’s shapes, building, sport, exercise, travelling, time, making, designing, gardening, shopping, working; maths is everywhere! Teaching maths is about developing the children’s curiosity to problem solve and find out.

- Louise Edwards Maths Specialist Teacher

Maths at PHS – ‘We are all Maths Magicians’

The Maths curriculum at Pownall is accelerated a year ahead, so that the children are ready, well prepared and confident entering the senior schools’ 11+ assessments.

The Maths Journey

The maths journey starts as the children enter nursery. The children’s curiosity for the world of numbers, shape, space, measure, reasoning and problem solving is nurtured and developed in this setting.

As the children move up through school, maths is taught by maths specialist teachers. This develops the children’s reasoning and understanding, giving a deep and transferable knowledge of all maths concepts needed to be prepared for the 11+ assessments. Small class sizes allow for lessons to be tailored and differentiated to meet the individual needs of all the children.

How do we teach?

Maths is taught in a variety of ways including practical and outdoor lessons, which stretch and challenge the children and continuously develop reasoning and investigation skills. PHS has an ethos of ‘It’s ok to make a mistake!’, allowing the children to question and find out about the maths world around them. The children become happy, curious and confident mathematicians, leaving Pownall at the end of Form 6, with with an excellent grounding for senior school and a love for maths.

Our Curriculum