The 11+ Journey

At Pownall Hall the children are prepared for a changing and evolving world but, equally importantly, are ready for the next stage of their education, and for the place of choice. The Pownall Pathway considers the children as individuals, and as changing people, and provides choice at the end of their 11+ journey.


All children have opportunities and experiences that a small Prep School environment can provide; every child matters, every individual recognised, and each has the opportunity to lead and to shine.


Here at Pownall Hall we have experienced leaders and colleagues who are immersed and enveloped within a Prep School ethos. We guide the children through a seamless, calm 11+ process, and provide the opportunity for our children to develop the skills required to be adaptable, resilient and unique; we celebrate their individuality. Our Prep School approach, leading to outstanding success at 11+ to the school that best fits each one of our children, also provides the opportunity for the children to move on and thrive in their new schools, and also to ‘reinvent’ some aspects about themselves in that environment, should they wish to. The Pownall Hall Preparatory School approach is a true reflection of being prepared for life.


On the journey to 11+ the focus is on ensuring that the next school is the right school for your child, where they as individuals will thrive and make the best memories. No automatic transfer which we believe takes away the need for application, determination and resilience, and also choice, but a guarantee that we, communicating with you, will provide the very best preparation for the children to move on to the next part of their journey beyond Pownall, to a place that is right for them.


The focus at Pownall Hall is on the children. Their happiness, welfare and wellbeing is more important than anything else, and securing it gives them the confidence to succeed in their daily academic lives at school.

Our Curriculum