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There are so many words to describe our staff team – dedicated, passionate, creative, experienced, caring, driven – the list goes on. Above and beyond any of their individual skills and attributes, as a team, they really care. They care about our school, they care about each other, and most of all they really care about our pupils. We are very proud of the incredible team that we have in place, led by our brilliant Headmaster David Goulbourn. Rest assured that your child is in safe and experienced hands.

Headmaster – Mr. David Goulbourn

Deputy Head and Head of Academics – Mrs. Louise Edwards 

Head of EYFS – Miss Judith Earl

Head of Key Stage One – Miss Katherine Lowther

Head of Key Stage Two and Head of Personal Development/Pastoral Care 

Head of English – Mr Mike Erian 

Head of Maths – Mrs. Louise Edwards / Mrs. Susan Coyle

Head of Science – Mrs. Kirsty Dalton

Head of Games and P.E. – Mrs. Sharon Johnstone

Head of Art and Design – Mrs. Belinda Cutts

Head of Design and Technology – Mr. William Cross

Head of Drama – Mrs. Jennifer Hart

Head of History – Mr. David Goulbourn

Head of Geography – Mrs. Philippa Marshall

Head of RE and PSHE –

Head of Music – Mrs. Louise Thomson (Pre-Prep) and Mrs. Jennifer Hart (prep)

Learning Support – Mrs. Elizabeth Stone and Mrs. Georgia Flynn

Head of MFL – Mrs. Nathalie Pettecrew

Form Teachers

Form 6 – Louise Edwards and Christie Farrell-Howes, Mike Erian, Jennifer Hart

Form 5 – Kirsty Dalton, William Cross

Form 4 – Nathalie Pettecrew, Phillipa Marshall, Sarah Hope

Form 3 – Susan Coyle and Michael Walton

Form 2 –  Jacqui Ward, Liz Butters and Charlotte Cole

Form 1 – Katherine Lowther, Jennifer Tait and Candice Kossowska

Reception – Beryl Spence, Megan Gregory and Amy Dunkley

Head of Early Years  – Judith Earl

 Teaching Assistants

Form 5 & 6 – Isabel Broughton

Form 4 – Jackie Bruce

Form 3 – Mark Dawes and Nicola Conquest

Form 2 – Ruth Shorrock and Charlene Kinsella

Form 1 – Vicky Jackson

Reception – Clair Woods and Gill Greig

Kindergarten – Sara Hall, Jessica Pattison, Vicki Morley, Helen Eckersley

Nursery – Michelle Speight (Deputy Manager), Ruth Collings, Claris Sherliker, Julie Loannides

Business General Manager – Mrs. Paula Dhoot

Accountant – Jo Gibbison

Office Manager – Katy Evans

Reception – Lucy Cachia-Boyce, Louise Jefferies

Fire Safety Officer – Mrs. Sharon Johnstone

Catering Manager – Mrs. Irene Aspinall

Maintenance Manager – Mr. Rick Sullivan

Maintenance – Gary Aspinall and Gary McGowan

Housekeeping – Jan Hall, Jeanette Giles